About Us

About YùPro Services INTL

YùPro has more than 10 years of experience in headhunting, recruiting, working with Asian companies, schools, academies, and government institutions. This extensive knowledge and experience gives YùPro an excellent understanding of the needs of both our clients and the companies we recruit for. With this wealth of familiarity and understanding comes our outstanding expertise in the processes involved throughout your transition.

To date, the YùPro team has helped over 2000 people maximize their potential in Asia. Through our close connection with a vast network of employers, our candidates have found great opportunities working and teaching in Asia. With a diverse range of cooperating schools and businesses, we ensure that you will be able to utilize your unique skills and attributes with an organization that will benefit greatly from your contributions.

On top of our ability to secure you the optimal position, we have experts capable and willing to help with furthering your development as a teacher and business professional. YùPro will assist in negotiating your work agreement, securing your work visa, and improving your familiarity with your cultural surroundings.

About the Founder:

Ted is the founder of YùPro Services INTL and head of international recruiting. At the start of his professional life he was a teacher in several cities throughout China. He has been supplying skilled labor throughout the world for ten years and has a sophisticated understanding of employment markets worldwide. He is currently living in the USA.

Our Partners:

Foreign HR was founded in early 2008 and since then has become one of the most trusted recruitment platforms for foreign nationals in China. Foreign HR started as a recruitment platform, bringing foreign teachers to some of the most ambitious local/international schools in the Chinese education sector. They rapidly developed to serve multinationals and local corporations across various industries. The primary reasons for their success are their values (passion and trust) and their well-balanced team, combining both Chinese and international staff, giving them local knowledge and global experience.

Class100 is dedicated to providing authentic foreign faculty resources to remote areas in China where it would otherwise not be available. Unlike other online English language companies, their mission is to help children in relatively poor areas rather than just families that are economically better-off. As a teacher at Class100, every class taught will help 30-40 children improve their English language proficiency. Through their programs, children from all different economic backgrounds will be able to enjoy the benefits of the foreign teacher experience equally.