General FAQs

I want to teach in China, what do I need to begin my transition to China once I have a job offer?

Answer - Once you have been selected, a copy of your passport and whichever other documents the school requires to begin your visa process should be promptly forwarded to the school you plan to teach at. The school will then send an invitation letter and contract with which you can apply for your work visa OR the school will assist you with acquiring the visa you need. Sign the contract and send it to the school you are planning to teach at. Copy of the contracts are available on request. Each country has its own visa laws and relationship with China, so you must contact a Chinese embassy or a visa agent. The school you are signing with will assist you with this process, but it is very important to be proactive and thorough with your visa process as this will ensure a timely, smooth transition. For visa information click here. Take a photo or scan of the visa you have in your passport so that it can be kept and kept track of. Once you have completed your visa process, you should contact the school to ask when they would like you to arrive if you haven’t already. Forward the itinerary to YùPro and the school you will be working at. You should bring approximately $1500 (depending on the city you are going to be teaching in) with you for startup costs. This will ensure you have enough spending money before your first salary is paid. Click on this link to check the cost of living in your school’s specific city.

Do I need to pay the school/recruiter?

Answer - No, you do not need to pay YùPro or your employer. If your school asks you to pay a fee, refuse and notify YùPro immediately.

How is the airfare reimbursed?

Answer - Normally airfare is reimbursed after 6 months of you arriving in China or upon completion of your contract. The terms vary from school to school, reference your school’s contract for exact flight reimbursement information. In some instances, schools will offer particularly qualified candidates upfront airfare as part of a signing bonus.

Is insurance provided?

Answer - Yes, normally medical insurance is always provided.

How much will my salary be after tax?

Answer - Here is a list of example salaries before and after tax:

10,000 RMB after tax is 9,515 RMB

15,000 RMB after tax is 13,455 RMB

20,000 RMB after tax is 17,205 RMB

25,000 RMB after tax is 20,955 RMB

30,000 RMB after tax is 24,705 RMB

35,000 RMB after tax is 28,455 RMB

40,000 RMB after tax is 32,195 RMB

Can I get a part-time job outside of my contract?

Answer – That will depend upon the terms of your contract. Normally if you are not teaching at another local English school, a part time job is permitted. Keep in mind that YùPro always has online teaching positions available if you are ever looking for part time teaching opportunities.

How much will I be paid?

Answer - Salaries will vary from school to school and will be presented to you in the school’s contract.

Will I have private or shared accommodation?

Answer - If you prefer your own apartment, make sure you state that in your negotiations with the school. Usually the school will provide you with private accommodation.

Do I need to pay for utilities?

Answer - Usually the teacher will be responsible for paying their own utilities. But they are normally between 50 to 200 RMB per month.

How do I get a cell phone?

Answer - The school will assist you with buying a cell phone and acquiring a data plan.

How do I get a bank account?

Answer – The school will assist you with opening a bank account after you receive your residence permit.

How do I get a residence permit?

Answer - When you arrive in China the school will take you to the police station to get you a residence permit, then you will be able to open a bank account. The school will assist you in this process.

I need to send money home; how should I prepare for that?

Answer - If you need to send money home, there are a few different ways to accomplish this. You can perform an international wire transfer at your Chinese bank after exchanging the RMB into your local currency or you can use services like Western Union, PayPal, Money Gram, Alipay, etc. to transfer money.

Where should I get an apartment? Where will my apartment be?

Answer - The teacher’s apartments are normally within walking distance to the school where they will be teaching. The school usually has vacant apartments for you to view and will assist in showing you the area.

Will someone help me get an apartment?

Answer - Yes, the school will show you available apartments.

Can I contact someone from YùPro Services if I have questions or need help?

Answer - Yes, YùPro Services is always available for any questions you may have while you are in China. Be sure to keep up to date on the new jobs we have available as well.

Please contact us with any other questions!