Welcome to YùPro

YùPro is a new take on recruiting. Not only do we connect you to the best employers in China, we assist you with your transition in every way!

YùPro is an international company which specializes in talent acquisition, organizational relations, and education. Our administrators are seasoned recruiting professionals and have a sophisticated understanding of China's job ever-changing job market. Outside of our expertise and knowledge of the expat job market in China, our hiring agents are all former (or current) teachers. This gives us a better understanding of what our candidates need to feel informed and secure throughout their transition. At YùPro we make sure that you, the candidate and client, can find a position abroad that suits both your needs and your interests.

A little info about what we do:

  • YùPro DOES NOT charge for our basic services. Simply submit the information we request, and we do the rest!
  • Our YùPro team is a talented and experienced group of individuals willing to go above and beyond to forward your career in Asia!
  • Any information you submit to our team is strictly confidential and will not be shared without your consent.
  • At YùPro, YOU are in control. We will not bombard you with unsolicited job offers, and are relentless in finding you an opening that you, the candidate, would be delighted to fill.
  • The photos and videos you submit will be detailed with a small logo to help the companies and schools we work with understand that you are represented by YùPro.
  • At YùPro, we uphold the highest standards of ethics and transparency. It is of utmost importance that you, the institution at which you are applying, and the YùPro team members who are guiding you through your transition are all on the same page.

Resources to help you succeed:

  • In-depth, online interview training is available to improve the chances of having successful interviews with our employers.
  • Intensive teacher training for new teachers who are interested in preparing for their career in education.
  • Interesting and beneficial cultural and language classes to help you acclimate to your new surroundings.
  • Upfront and informative legal counsel and visa advice.
  • Cutting-edge job placement backed by a dedicated team of recruiters, administrators, liaisons, and visa professionals ready to help you along every step of the way!
  • A welcome pack for every new candidate with instruction and advice on how to proceed with your transition.
  • Staff in many countries around the world ready to help you with whatever you need throughout your application.

Are you ready for your adventure?

YùPro is where your adventure starts. Are you the type of person who loves adventure and wants to experience everything the world has to offer? Are you ready for a rewarding career both financially and professionally? If you answered yes to both of these questions, you are the type of person YùPro is looking for. We are currently seeking individuals who want to experience the world and earn a great living while doing it. You can accomplish all these things with an exciting career as an English teacher or a skilled professional in Asia. It’s no mystery why Asia has become a hot spot for adventure seeking, ambitious, and open-minded individuals looking to experience life in a foreign country with a vibrant culture and countries with some of the world’s fastest growing economies. YùPro works with the most reputable schools and organizations in Asia. We have positions in small cities, as well as bustling metropolitan cities.

China is home to the largest education system, one of the fastest growing economies, and many industry-leading organizations. Education and innovation are at the center point of Chinese culture, and it is seen as a tool for advancement of their citizens. This emphasis, along with the newfound value placed on international collaboration, has created a growing demand for English teachers and skilled professionals from foreign countries.

China is currently the most popular country in the world for ESL teachers. It is also looking to foster a highly skilled, diverse, and prosperous workforce. YùPro is determined to help you find the perfect opportunity. Through YùPro, you can be sure to earn a competitive salary along with additional accommodations such as free housing, airfare, medical insurance, and industry leading bonuses.